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 1 Lifestyle Personal Training is truly unique in the fact that we customize our programs according to each individuals needs.  Each of our Lifestyle Trainers are uniquely equipped to assess, train, treat and coach through any level of fitness conditioning.  We fit our programs to the level of conditioning based on where each clients needs are at. Whether you have injuries, chronic pain, chronic conditions or weight loss goals, we train to improve your health.    

Every program starts in our Lifestyle Institute where each client takes part in a detailed assessment to determine their current state of health and function.  The assessment is used to design a specific program that will give each client the results they desire without high risk of injury while improving the function of their joints and movement system.  Your goals are most important to us and together we can maximize the speed in which you attain them! 

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At 1 Lifestyle Fitness we strongly believe in the importance of a nationally accredited certification and continued education for all of our Personal Trainers.  With a solid background in N.A.S.M. (Nationally Academy of Sports Medicine) certification, 1 Lifestyle Trainers are equipped to assess, train and treat our clients with our Industry leading educational systems.  Courses are held weekly within 1 Lifestyle Fitness at our on-site Institute, where Lifestyle Trainers are learning the most cutting edge information in body mechanics and  postural evaluation processes.  The Institute provides our team of Trainers continued education in an innovative and dedicated environment.   

1 Lifestyle Fitness is proud to be the Sacramento areas leading educational system in Personal Training and is now offering courses for gyms interested in developing their Personal Training departments.  We provide an opportunity for all Trainers to participate in our courses and share in the benefits of our educational material that will improve their ability to assess, train and coach at a whole new level.  Contact Jessy Owen at 1 Lifestyle Fitness to sign up for the Advancement Educational Courses and experience the benefits of our program first hand.   email:

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The 1 Lifestyle Institute Personal Training Courses

The1 Lifestyle Institute is our in-house educational center, founded by 1 Lifestyle Fitness, developed to continually educate our Personal Trainers with cutting edge Industry knowledge that takes our trainers education to the next level.  A level that continually provides our clients with measurable improvements in all aspects of their health and fitness levels.  We teach human movement system in corrective exercise for all muscle imbalances at every joint.